BenQ IPS Monitor, Experience Premium View at the Best Value

The 27-inch BenQ IPS monitor delivers a view that is healthy on the eyes and perfect for those watching endless video online or using a monitor daily for repeated office tasks. The BenQ GW2765HT QHD has precision embedded in every detail of what you are viewing on a screen. The low blue light technology makes it the one stop solution for visual pleasure and eye health.

If your eyes often feel tired and foggy after a day working at your screen, then you would do well to invest in the 27-inch BenQ IPS monitor for maximum ease on those eyes and retina health.


This screen monitor really does take us to a whole new level in enjoying the screen you see in front of you effortlessly and with enjoyment. It will meet your needs whether you are at work or play. So whether you happen to be number crunching on a spreadsheet and updating all those figures, editing endless word documents and reading all those business emails, you can be sure the monitor is going easy on the eyes.

Many will want to watch their favourite videos and movies online, so the BenQ IPS meets your viewing needs here. It does this by giving you an extra big screen and an extremely high resolution.

To those who like to look under the bonnet, the high resolution return is 2560 x 1440 QHD (WQHD) with a 100 per cent sRGB screen technology and a HDMI multimedia interface – the GW2765HT offers the eyes the finest precise detail, instant amazement on the eyes and extremely lifelike colours.

It also doesn’t matter which angle you are looking at the screen, it has flicker-free technology, low blue light design and the technology helps your eyes to stay focussed for much longer periods and enhance the productivity you provide working from home or the office. And it is for those who have to work from a monitor based at home that the 27-inch BenQ IPS really does deliver; workers will get 77 per cent more working space on the screen to work with.


This means less scrolling up and down and less zooming in and out all the time. You could type away on one document while viewing another web page without having to constantly swap and change screens. This eliminates the need for constant toggling and remembering what you just read.