5 Apps that Turn Your iPhone into a Full-featured VoIP Phone

Hereís an important fact: U.S. smartphone users spend 89% of their mobile media time using apps (Nielsen). Thatís around 30 hours a month! A number that probably falls short when it comes to people who spend a lot of time on the road. For example, door to door salespeople, freelancers, and even business owners and entrepreneurs ñwho need to visit clients constantlyñ live and die by their apps.

Whether these people prefer travel apps, financial apps or even productivity-enhancing apps, thereís no denying this: what they have on their iPhones can make or break their day. If you are one of these warriors, you surely have an app that you cannot live without, but you canít deny the importance of applications like Skype, Tox or Slack.

We live in a world where 3G and 4G internet connections make everything easier for us on the road, and free options to stay connected are always welcomed. However, what happens when those options are not enough? Letís say that you need to spend a day away from your office, do you really want to rely on just Skype to get in touch with an important client? Sure you donít.

They could call you at your iPhone, and then you realize that you never gave that client your personal mobile number. That day you happen to run out of business cards, and he just wrote down your office phone number. What do you do then? Is there a way to pick up your business phone remotely? To have your deskphone and iPhone ring as one and the same? There must be an app for that, right? Luckily there are!

1) Allworx Reach

As explained by TelcoDepot.com, ì(with) Allworx Reachô you can continue to assist callers from any location, as if you were still using your office business phone. This solution brings all the functionality of your Allworx phone to your iOS and Android devices, so that you donít restrict your customer service to a particular office space anymore.î

2) RingCentral App

This allows you to centralize your businessí identity by using a single phone number for calling, texting and faxing. You can also manage your entire system of departments, locations, extensions and direct numbers remotely. Reply with predefined or customized text-to-speech messages or send callers directly to voicemail, without interrupting the current call.

3) Ringio Mobile iPhone PBX

This app allows you to manage, route and track calls right from your iPhone regardless of your location by syncing (in real-time) with your desktop application. In other words, Ringio Mobile for iPhone lets you search and dial your company address book, share call data with your team members and route your business calls to your iPhone with no problem.

4) 8×8 Virtual Office phone extension

Providing all the key features of 8×8 Virtual Office Mac tools on your iPhone, this app lets your device make and receive calls as if you were using your business phone, but on the road. One of the advantages of 8×8 Virtual Office extension is that it uses 4G, cellular calling plan or even Wi-Fi, which will help you save on minutes. Additionally, you can make 3 way calls.

5) Virtual PBX Softphone

With Virtual PBXÆ Softphone you get all the features available to Virtual PBX VoIP phones on your iPhone. This app uses 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi to provide high-quality calls. Long story short, this application transforms your mobile device into a class phone system and it even lets you customize your setup by mixing VoIP and landlines. Some of the features it includes are auto-attendant, call recording, voicemail, and conferencing.


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