BenQ treVolo – The Ultimate in Portable Electrostatic Speakers

A product for music lovers, podcast listeners and radio enthusiasts has come on board with a brand new, dynamic package it calls treVolo. It is a portable speaker which acts like one of those huge monster speakers you once had fixed in your front room.

Think of high-end studio room speaker, and you will think of treVolo; only here it’s actually portable. And it’s not just music, podcasts and radio you could use to listen on the treVolo but films too. Its surround sound speaker make it ideal and fully functional as audio for watching all the latest movies, pop music videos or YouTube streams.


It makes full use of a quad amplified design using active electrostatic panels, top of the range woofers, and big radiators that are fine-tuned with a DSP delivering uncompromised sound for your audio enjoyment. Just think how good your latest CD or music file will come across on the treVolo, imagine the sharp adventurous sounds when watching your favourite television program being re-run on an iPlayer.

It does not matter what type of music you are listening to; whether it’s your favourite bluegrass tune, soul melody, jazz, hip-hop or rock and roll, the treVolo reproduces just the right balance in everything you hear.

The build and finish are faultless, sound reproduction really is up there with the best and there is a nice bass action that comes in only when it should. If you are one of those who seem to like the thumping bass rhythms permanently throughout your musical taste, then maybe this is not for you. However, if you are one that loves to listen to every detail of the strings and can hear each strum of the guitar and when an artist moves their fingers along a fret, then this speaker will meet all your expectations.

I guess the treVolo is made for those who are fussy about what they are listening to when playing audio or music. We all know someone who is a speaker fanatic and fusses over things like too much treble, not the right output of bass, too much feedback and excessive hiss on some film scores; the treVolo is made for those people. Those who want perfection in a product.


The speaker has a built-in microphone and works remotely thanks to the Bluetooth technology. The speaker is also very light, weighing in at just 1.2 kg making it easy to carry and portable to the end. It’s the easiest speaker to actually connect with my iPhone. BenQ recommends using Tidal with treVelo. The treVelo retails for around £236.