Get Stress Relief That Last With DeStressify Pro App: Review

Stress is a major player in heart disease and poor health, unfortunately it can go hand in hand with business and be seen in the workplace on an almost daily basis. Homemakers will also experience stress while they try and raise a family, and stress is a key part of life in this arena too.

But we bet you’d never have thought there would be an app to combat, control and monitor stress – but there is. DeStressify will take out just 10 minutes of your life each day, and within that short period of time you will be able to deal with thoughts, emotions and beliefs that bring on the anxiety and stress of everyday life.

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Within the app there is an intensive method to combat stress as it addresses five key areas where stress rules our lives (or can rule our lives).

  • Practices for Calming the Mind: There are ways where anyone can calm the mind by doing some simple mental or physical exercises that calm the mind right away.
  • Emotional Balance: When our emotions vary wildly between happy and sad, stressed and relaxed and angry and confused, our emotional balance is off.
  • Relaxation: In order to feel no or little stress, you must relax. Tension helps to build up emotional disorders and relaxing helps to relieve this.
  • Energizing Exercises: There are a number of small and easy-to-do exercises to stimulate and relax the mind and body.
  • Achieving Joy: The ultimate goal here is to feel the wonders of joy. Having got to the stage where you can feel joy, you have managed to beat stress and feel happy, relaxed and content once more.

There are quite a few techniques in here where you can learn how to guide imagery, visualize, breathe and more besides. The app will show you a video that explores the reasons why we feel stress and what the body goes through when it is under the power of stress. There are key physiological changes and what you are thinking and feeling are all key components in how much stress you actually feel.

Also within the app are a number of guided meditations or exercises of the mind you could watch on video. So allow your cells to resonate with a bit of calm for a change and see how DeStressify can make your day unwind beyond the negativity and stress of everyday life.