Jiffies – Calendar in the watch: Review

I’m sure many of us keep a calendar to track our appointments, events and any important hook-ups we need to be at, but the iTunes library has now come up with a new versatile calendar which can be used to monitor your daily events and upcoming appointments and keep them in order and sorted without the need to scroll or switch pages.

You can now be where you need to be – in a jiffy! You can save time, at the same time you are checking the time! That’s because the Jiffies app is actually a calendar within a watch. Yes, you guessed it, Jiffies works in harmony with the all new Apple Watch.


It is simple to use and displays calendar events within the clock face of your Apple Watch. This really is quite a new and novel way of recording and displaying calendar events and works seamlessly with the Apple Watch that others may be forgiven for thinking its part and parcel of the Apple feature.

If you so wish, you can select the calendar to display the view of appointments and events in a weekly overview or a daily one, the choice is yours. If you do have accounts linked or running with external sources, then you’ll be pleased to know you can synchronize those with Jiffies.

So, simply take your Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar or Yahoo Calendar and the synchronization will take all of your old appointments (and planned events to come) and place them on to Jiffies, so you’ll not need to input them all over again one by one.

All new events can be added straight from the app and sharing events is also possible by using email and attaching the iCal attachment file; plus any events that have been completed can be marked as “complete” once you are finished. That’s very handy for those long and drawn-out business meetings that seem to drag on for days or several hours.

The calendar also has a day and night mode – a very handy tool for the 9 to 5 working day and you can also turn off the auto lock feature for a connected device. Moreover, if you just want a nice calendar for social events or invites to birthday parties, weddings and school trips, then it’s a good idea to utilize any of the funky backgrounds (which are customizable) to pimp up your Jiffy Calendar.