Word Writer Pro – for Microsoft Word Edition & Open Office Format: Mac Review

When compiling a word document, you may be thinking how some editors can make their work flow so seamlessly with web pages, PDF documents and the like. It is tools like Word Writer Pro for Microsoft Word Edition and Open Office Format that do the job so well.

It’s easy to use and does not require you have any web-building skills but just a simple bit of experience in using a Word document. Word Writer Pro is a word processor which – when completed – supports retina resolutions (used in so many iTunes and Google apps) as well as creating a file which can support all the major formats upon exportation.


When you want to create tables and insert pictures into your Word document, Word Writer Pro allows you to do this with rich and colourful choices to make your document more web-friendly and dynamic.

Don’t worry that all of your hard work will be lost as Word Writer Pro has an auto-save feature, so you won’t lose all that wonderful new additions you are constantly making to your document. There are many features which can make this a document to be admired by editors and web page developers alike.

Firstly, the simple interface starts up very quickly and you can choose first how you would like your document displayed. Choose between the hundreds of paragraph and character styles, automatically format bullet or number lists, change your document so that it has sections, layouts and page breaks inserted automatically.

The app will allow editors to use free-form headers and footers, change colours whenever you wish (example: having yellow text on a black background which would be ideal for flyers and brochures), split-window editing (so you don’t need to keep toggling) and full screen editing.

Other writing editorial features include date-stamped back-ups, easy to use selection of text by text style and word count numbering with auto counting for page numbering purposes. If you are writing a book, particularly one that has a non-fiction topic, then this is the best feature on the market to use.

It is also workable with Word for Microsoft Word Edition and Open Office Format, so it works across all platforms. It has just about every feature imaginable including the ability to make your lists crisp and clear and easily readable by applying bulleted or numbered lists.