Is Bingo Just For Old People?

For me, bingo seems like a thing of the past, shrouded in an air of someone else’s nostalgia. The only images that pop into my mind are half-empty community halls filled full of the regular octogenarians in white polos and green visors, needing the selected ball’s number repeated for the third time, over the already ramped-up mike.

It’s this image I think that puts both myself and all the other pre-retirement punters off and keeps them loyal to the regular old casino’s slots and poker halls. However, I’m beginning to think that there might just be something to this bingo lark. With massive wins up for grabs, the huge influx of new mobile bingo sites is helping to give this age-old pastime a pretty seductive makeover.

The latest lucky winner, for example, was a completely bewildered 18-year old who bagged just under £130, 000 out on a jolly with her mother. It was her fourth time going to play bingo and she was totally overwhelmed when the bells and whistles started blaring and she learned just how much she’d won. With the new internet age upon us, being able to link everyone from all corners of a county, country or indeed planet allows for stacked odds to really, well, stack up.

bingo bango 2

Abbie described the scene as ‘electric’ and I can see why. However, for some reason the thought of sitting in a bingo hall is still somewhat off-putting to me. That’s why I think that a lot of people nowadays opt for mobile bingo sites, where you can still enjoy the excitement of the game and reap the rewards of a built up bonus whilst in the comfort of your own home.

So, although I won’t be looking to join my nearest club, I think that online bingo can offer a fun, dynamic and youthful alternative to the otherwise passé game; plus, for a chance at those winnings, I’d be happy to don a visor or two…