AireLive: Making A Bid For Digital Domination

Ever find your smartphone to be a little overcrowded? You’ve got that perfectly rendered selfie ready to fly up on Instagram, you’ve got that event page in full flow on Facebook, Skype is open and ready to take that call from your cousin in Taiwan, while you’re engaged in meaningless, drawn-out conversation with your mother on WhatsApp. It’s a juggling game, constantly flying back to the menu page, accidentally quitting some apps, typing the wrong thing in others. Wouldn’t it be handy to just have everything in one place at the same time? Well, now you can with brand new social networking suite AireLive. The end product of a hefty, concentrated development phase, this app is making a serious bid for the top, and it’s out now on iOS and Android.

So, what’s the big fuss about? Quite a lot, as it happens. AireLive has the potential to completely overthrow the current social networking climate, usurping the big dogs from their thrones. That fabulous mess of metaphors is supposed to convey that AireLive could be the start of something huge. Previously, apps have only focused on certain aspects of social networking. None of them have tried to put it all together in one package. AireLive is already making waves in a number of markets, and looks set to capitalize on that buzz through the rest of 2015. So what exactly does it do?

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AireLive combines the best of all those apps you’ve become familiar with over the past five years or so. It’s got the group chatting capabilities of WhatsApp, allowing endless text chats and face to face FaceChat, which, amazingly, can support up to four people simultaneously. Yep, that’s right; you can have face to face conversations in a group of four people with a refreshing lag-less flow, a practical, impressive feature that puts AireLive well ahead of the competition, even before you count all its other features. Let me underline how revolutionary this app is; it’s got the photo and video sharing capabilities of Instagram, complete with the option of live streaming video straight from your phone to your feed like Periscope or Meerkat. It’s got the profile and timeline features of Facebook, allowing you to post, like, share and comment on your friends’ timelines. And it’s got even more than that, as the app comes complete with an avatar system that lets you design or buy your own avatars, and also a Travel Diary that shows your friends where you’ve visited. All the signature features of the giants of social media, AireLive unites in one, slick-to-use interface.

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Despite all this content and all these features, the interface is simple to navigate, and should come as second nature to anyone familiar with any of the social networkers listed above. Four years of development have been applied to make sure this baby runs smoothly, and again, despite a hefty package comprising every social networking feature invented thus far, there’s no lagging to be seen at all. The Aire Corporation is making a serious bid for digital domination with AireLive; this is one bandwagon you will want to jump on. Then pull your friends up on it too!

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Patrick Ryan
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