New Bingo Sites Advertised on TV – Are We Spoilt for Choice?

If you are watching television in the UK and have noticed a flurry of online new Bingo sites advertised on TV, then you are by no means alone. In recent months there has been wave after wave of online gambling sites where punters can play bingo and win big (hopefully).

So why are there so many different companies advertising on British television all of a sudden. Some of the bingo sites have even got around to sponsoring entire shows or programs. Take the Australian soap drama Home and Away for example, it now has full sponsorship from Winner Bingo and its ads can be seen slotted in at the beginning of each segment of the show and again at the end.

Indeed, throughout one single episode you can count some six advertising slots for the same company. There are a number of contributing factors as to why television companies are keen to soak up the revenue willing to be paid by bingo sites which operate online. For starters, it’s very big business and recession proof too. If you don’t have a great deal of money then you could select to pay a small amount and hope to win big.

As Bingo and other forms of gambling like sporting bets and financial trading are legal in the UK, the country is a perfect place to advertise. Advertising on television helps bingo sites increase its brand awareness, so if you are looking for a bingo site, you are more likely to Google search one with a name you recognize.

App news states that many of the bingo sites can be played via smartphone apps on the Android and iOS platforms.

Bingo Sites that Accept PayPal is more popular than everPayPal is the biggest money transferring platform in the world and is probably the best known. Many of the bingo sites advertised on TV which accept PayPal payments and any winnings you muster can be paid directly into your account as well.

Bingo Night In accepts PayPal and if you open an account with say £10, it will double your deposit to £20 as an opening account sweetener.

Kitty Bingo offers 100 free spins and a 300 per cent deposit bonus. So you can see right away that this site offers a better deal than the other. Moreover, it accepts PayPal. Other bingo sites which accept PayPal include Bingo Flirt, William Hill Bingo and 888 Bingo.