Today In History – free world events, births, quotes, and more: Review

You will love this app Today in History, as it showcases an event, an historic showpiece, and birth of a famous person or just something cool that happened on that date. Enter into the app a date – any date, and watch what the app comes up with.

If you thought that today was just another day, then think again as every day is important and historic in the life of our civilisation. This is the app where you can actually feel the emotion of an event which took place in history on a given date.

Why not take the app into the workplace and ask all your work colleagues about certain events and when they happened. Just asking them if they know what big event occurred on this day in history is enough to get the creative juices flowing and the brain matter working overtime. Just don’t let it prevent production in the workplace too much.

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Today in History catalogues every major event in human history; past, present and even one day, in the far-flung. But for the time being it will leave you excited about opening up the app and seeing all the events which happened on this specific date.

You can obtain key facts about global iconic events in our history, funny things that have happened over the centuries and birthdays of famous people and the year in which they were born. It will also notify which famous people died on this day and any public holidays that have occurred (or are about to).

Historical figures have always made quotes which have been marked in history; whether it’s the famous rousing war speech by UK prime minister Winston Churchill, where he promised to “fight them on the beaches” or the iconic speech by Bill Clinton after his impeachment threat – the list just goes on and on but these quotes will all appear here on the app and it will certainly make for an interesting topic of conversation by the water cooler area in the office or the exterior smoking area.

Today in History onto Social Media

How many times have we got up in the morning and wondered what to write onto our status in Twitter or Facebook? Well, Today in History is a brilliant way of telling your followers and friends that today was the day in 1980 that John Lennon died or the day in history when the first man landed on the moon.