Fun, Frocks And Frolicks With Girl’s Day Out Slots App | App Review

We’ve all been there: walking down the street, going about our business, perhaps picking up some groceries, when all of a sudden, “HELLLOOOO HANDSOME!” knocks us for six. With a quickened pace and head down, whistles and claps ensue. Was it my fault I was blessed with such a beautiful bottom? Why can’t they just leave me alone? I’m only a man! Then, of course, their friend joins them and you realise that you’re mistaken and slow back down to a ‘cool’ stroll à la the closing scene of The Usual Suspects. Now, beginning to realise that you might actually want to join in the fun, you quickly pick up the spilled quart of milk and wholemeal bread, race home and load up your new app, Casino Slots ‘Girls Day Out’.

Settled back nicely into my couch, hot chocolate in hand, I open up my new favourite freemium gambling app and the fun begins. Upon my first spin I’m already absorbed into a wonderful world of pink, glitz and glamour. I’m notified of a ‘hottie alert’ and my heart skips a beat as 125 clams upload into my credits. Perhaps a little over excited, my thumb is already hovering above the ‘play’ button for my next hit; this is going to be one hell of a Sunday.

Sometime around 4pm I realise my credits are low and I need to reload. Luckily, the friendly online customer service are on hand and help direct me to the secure online in-app purchases available. It’s good to know if I run into any troubles along the way I can have it all fixed quickly and easily from the comfort of my seat.

With a theme tune reminiscent of Sex and The City, I recall the episode when all of the gals hit up Atlantic City. Although not actually in a casino’s lobby, being able to take advantage of the stacked wilds, interactive bonuses, free spins and bonus rounds make this the next best thing. Choose from 1-25 slots and place your bet accordingly.

So as I wait for my invite to the next girls’ day out, imagining the prosecco, Cyndi Lauper sing alongs and strategically placed bets – unlike Carrie, I like to break up my bets instead of blowing it all on one big win and as for Samantha, well, the less said about her and blowing the better – I’ll stick to this free slot games for fun, which offers a low risk alternative that will have me coming back for more again and again, regardless of what device you use to play – desktop, mobile or tablet.

So, if you want to try your hand and elicit a few cat calls yourself, download this free app from the App Store or Google Play and let the good times roll!