Get Fly With King Of Bling Slots App | App review

For the large part I’d say I’m a pacifist by nature, but reach across the table at my plate of fries and we may have a problem. However, in the gladiatorial world of professional boxing, it’s a much different story. It’s athleticism at its peak, a fierce and challenging struggle round to round and I imagine trying to keep a tactical wit about you whilst being walloped across the chops is no easy feat. So, upon retiring, who can blame a man for wanting to splash out? Some think Floyd Mayweather is a little too ostentatious for his latest spectacle at the infamous Atlanta nightclub. ‘Making it rain’ to the tune of $30,000 is hard for some to swallow; frankly, I’m just thoroughly impressed that the man can still speak. My salary, humble in comparison, unfortunately, doesn’t allow me the troves of grateful err, ‘dancers’ falling at my feet. So how do I get my thrills and live the high life? My new favourite, free casino slots gaming app from King Of Bling.

It’s pure decadence at its best; the backdrop is a cityscape set to a warm gold glow, reflected by an infinite pool of water, functioning to magnify its opulence. The reels packed with all the ‘bling’ you can think of, from diamond-encrusted grills to gold records and vintage boomboxes. With some smooth R’n’B playing in the background creating quite the atmosphere, I’m ready to represent.

A generous 5-reel, 25-pay line slot, gives players the opportunity to use the stacked wilds to win lots of free spins and additional rounds. With eye-popping interactive bonuses, it’s hard to get bored and with every new spin promising the opportunity to, “Make it rain, make it snow,” you can feel the thrill of being Mayweather himself (without the tender eye sockets).

Screenshot 2015-06-19 at 8.12.55 PM

If for any reason you’re having technical difficulties, have no fear as there’s a friendly online customer service team, waiting ringside to help out and if your credits need a little replenishing, benefit from the secure online in-app purchases feature.

So perhaps I’m still a little way off being able to drop thirty large in the hopes of making a few new mates. In the meantime, I’ll polish up my wit, strengthen my banter and live vicariously through King Of Bling upping my street cred with every new spin to win slots.

If you would like to rain down on lady luck as well, download this free app the App Store or Google Play today!