Best Student Job/Breeziest Move With Bellhops Moving Service App

Student jobs are rarely glamorous, in fact, they’re usually downright grubby. When you’re in need of a job with flexible hours and the ability to take weeks off at a time (be it studying for exams or an O-week nonstop rave) the trade-off is often being elbow deep in greasy, sudsy water, scrubbing away at a skillet that ‘Chef’ doesn’t think is clean enough. For me, it was weekend work in a local creperie; something that I like to romanticise about at the time, but, in reality, it made my skin terrible, I came away covered in burns and with only about $50 a week to show for it. Had Bellhops, the new, innovative and downright awesome moving app, been around back in my day then my summer breaks could have been a much different story. 

Bellhops specialises in small and collegiate moves, with the help of over 9000+ bellhops in 120+ cities, they connect people in need of a little lifting power with college students in need of some cheddar. To sign up, simply download the app onto your mobile device and create a profile (I should mention here, the pre-requisite strength requirement for all bellhops is that they are able to lift 7kg above their heads). Not only does this feature allow the students to put  their best and brightest image forward (they might be moving their future bosses couch after all) it also allows the customer the rare opportunity to see the kind of people that will be handling all of their personal belongings before booking.

Using college students as employees is the best win, win scenario for this kind of work I can think of. They’re young, fit, healthy and eager to please as well as flexible and happy for the work. From the other side, the bellhops get to choose their own hours, work with their friends and earn a much better wage than they would otherwise, scrubbing dishes at the local TexMex.

If you’re wondering what the catch is, then rest easy, there isn’t one. Their competitive pricing is down to utilising innovative technologies in everything they do. It allows them to be much more efficient than other moving companies with the added bonus of improving customer service throughout. They’re 100% insured, so if in the unlikely event any damage is done, you’re completely covered and if you decide to cancel your booking at the last minute you can still expect a complete refund.

So as I sit here, remembering how I spent nearly a third of my income on burn cream and agonise at how I would have loved to be a bellhop with their fancy green hats. I realise that there’s no use dwelling on the past and fantasise instead of eating grapes, whilst sprawled across my couch watching young students do my bidding for me.

Download Bellhops from App Store today and start lifting!