Maadly: It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Maad Online World

Everything in the online world is instantaneous and sadly, predictable. There’s no real surprise factor anymore, because you can pretty much anticipate what you’re going to discover in your daily timelines and newsfeeds. Not to say that everything is boring, but it sure is repetitive. You know these people and you know their likes, dislikes and priorities. In our modern world, we’re able to transmit that information in mere seconds. As the late B.B. King had it, the thrill is gone. It’s all very immediate and in your face(book). If you’re curious for something immediate and entirely unpredictable, then there’s an app you should know about. It’ll be sure to surprise you, and it’s an interesting new twist on the classic social network template. It’s called Maadly, and it’s out now for iOS.

Maadly’s intent is to very much bring the thrill back. Remember when Snapchat used to be exciting? When Instagram used to wow you? Maadly can proudly take up the reigns on both fronts, because with this app, you’re sending and receiving content from total strangers. You could see anything come up in your timeline, from a midnight view of Florence to a random flash dance on the streets of Beijing. And the best part it, is it’s all random.

Maadly’s main spin on the social networking genre is the fact that you don’t need friends or followers to have a good time. In fact, it’s designed to work against that ‘popularity contest’ aspect of modern social media. With Maadly, you can create a moment, be it a photo, a video or some text, and send it out into the community. The app calls your content ‘beats’, short for heartbeats, which it then sends on to a selection of random users. The receiving users can then ‘like’ your offering, or message you privately if they really like it, resulting in ‘karma’ for you. As your ‘karma’ increases, your ‘beats’ will reach more and more users.

It’s a neat little system that promotes the weird and the wonderful. Self-expression seems to be the name of the game here; the app is effective in breaking down the traditional ‘judgement’ stigma that comes with posting about yourself to a group of known peers or even family. The ‘gamified’ nature of the app gives it an inherent addictiveness, and the temporal nature of the ‘beats’ keeps things fresh and exciting. You’ll find yourself clicking in to your timeline, never knowing what you might find next. For the developers to have achieved this sensation in today’s jaded field of social networking is some feat indeed. It almost feels like we’re back at the joyful beginnings of online interaction, where the sense of fun and creativity were paramount. The thrill is back indeed.

Hop on over to the App Store to get acquainted with Maadly for free today!

Patrick Ryan
A professional film director and iPhone enthusiast, Patrick is rarely away from a screen. Follow his work and get updates about his latest movies at