Review: Y-Cam Home Monitor HD

The need for home security is on the rise. And the desire to have a video playback camera that records in high definition and works straight off the Wi-Fi is definitely going to make for a dynamic piece of equipment.

The Y-Cam Home Monitor Camera with HD is all of that and more. It is an indoor security camera that allows you to keep an eye on your home while you are at work or perhaps you just need to check that your elderly parents are receiving quality home care from visiting home care services staff. Some may want to check on their pets while you are at work or away shopping.


It is also used as a home security camera that will keep a beady eye on the car parked in your front drive. All of these cameras will capture high-resolution images and playback offering a 1280 x 720 widescreen view, so you won’t miss a single trick.

There is a wide angle lens meaning you will be able to see as well as a bird with that extra 87 degrees field of view. The frame rate has been improved so much that playback will be smooth with high quality stream viewing available. In fact, not only will you be able to see who stole that note bill out of your handbag or wallet, you’ll probably be able to see what denomination it was too!

Most crime around the home is committed at night and during the hours of darkness. So you will be pleased to learn that the Y-Cam Home Monitor HD security cameras can pick up in infra-red mode. The night vision cameras can punch some 15 metres (40 feet) into the darkness and offer improved light on what is there already.

Do you want to know what the people are saying in your video playback? Well, now you can with this home monitoring system: crisp audio reproduction is what you get here and the system can be used within the home or the office.

To run the home monitor you will only need to connect the system up through your Wi-Fi or alternatively run an Ethernet cable connection. The Home Monitor HD cameras are so small that most people will at first just think they are looking at a smoke alarm. The 3.3 inch square size and white covering is very unobtrusive and will blend in naturally with the décor. The Y-cam Home monitor cost only £149.99.