Bricks Breaker – Friends:

Brick breaking games have been around on digital gaming platforms for ages. These games have been hugely popular amongst arcade gaming lovers and is something that anyone can play. Bricks Breaker – Friends take the brick breaking game to a whole lot different level all together. The game has superb graphics and it takes full advantage of the graphics capabilities of modern day mobiles. Bricks Breaker – Friends’ app concept is simple, the player can choose one of the available characters to play with and the player has to deflect the playing ball to break a set or arrangement of bricks on top of the screen. While doing so, the game offers many power-up options to make the game play interesting. The user has to clear several levels and as the levels go up, the complexity of the game increases.


One of the main features of this app has to be the graphics quality. The audio is quite engaging as well and is very well integrated with the game play. Amongst the in game features, the introduction of multiple characters and pets also add the RPG angle to the game play. You can choose from one of the lovely characters (monkey, cat, penguin, and many more) and move through the stages with that character, or if you wish you may change the character as well. The game also features various items that provide different powers. Items such as fire, magnet, X2, long, looper, bullet etc are available. Players can also earn diamonds, rubies, gems and coins during the game play, which can be used to upgrade characters or pets.


The game has national and world ranking for the players. The game also has hall of fame, which features top players for a month. The ranking system is surely going to keep you hooked to the game for hours. It also features daily raffle events through which you can win character level ups, gifts etc.


Bricks Breaker Friends costs $2.99 on iOS and is free on Android. This game has an engaging game play for an arcade game. It is simple to play yet it has several levels, characters, pets and power-ups to keep the player hooked to the game for long durations. To top it all, the graphics and animation makes this game stand out in the arcade game genre.