The Rise And Rise Of The Mobile Bingo App

Bingo has always been big business. Though the younger generation might associate the concept with a game played at a glacial pace in a funereal retirement home lounge, the truth is it’s bigger than all that. It’s been a popular mobile game for a long time now, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.With the general rise of mobile gambling  over the last couple of years, mobile bingo accounts for up to 6% of generated revenue, according to recent statistics. That’s a big slice of the pie when you take into account all the casino games out there; so how can you be sure you’re getting the optimum bingo experience from your app?

It’s taken the bingo industry quite a while to catch on to the mobile gaming boom. Unlike other gambling games, bingo apps are notoriously hard to develop, due to the difficulty of incorporating social and chat functions that are seen as an integral part of the gaming experience. Bingo is a social game. You need a community to play it, and it works best if everyone is committed and enjoying the game-play. As it stands, smartphones don’t really offer much in the way of social gambling, though companies across the world are working to change that. In fact, there are already a number of high-quality apps out there that provide a great iPhone bingo experience, catering for both sides of the coin. Tablets have been cited as a great compromise; they’re big enough to integrate the full social experience while retaining the on-the-move gaming appeal of mobile gambling.

There’s been speculation that mobile bingo will eventually outrun the behemoth of online poker if it can succeed in successfully merging the social and mobile aspects of the much-loved game. Bingo has a huge advantage in this sense, because it is played equally for enjoyment and real-money gambling; it’s possible to have one without the other as the respective appeals are seen as equal when it comes to bingo. Any card player, however casual, knows that poker’s no fun when there’s no stakes involved; bingo, however, is. As well as this factor doubling its potential player-base, it also appeals to a broad range of age-groups. Smartphones and tablets have already broken down the barriers when it comes to age; bingo apps now just have to capitalise on the opportunity.

Bingo is a beloved, respected game that has been around for decades; it makes perfect sense that it will make a completely successful transition to smartphones and tablets. There’s a committed mobile bingo community already out there, and as developers continue to smoothly blend the social and communal draw of the game with the ease and fluidity of the gambling app, you can expect to see bingo apps build rapidly on that 6%.

Patrick Ryan
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