Redbooth – Team Tasks, Chat & Collaboration for Business

Getting the job done is the aim of every team in the workplace. Redbooth helps, and here’s how. If you have a team of players designated to fulfil any task, complete a mission or fulfil a dream: it needs to be monitored. The progress of the team is central to the task being completed successfully.

Collaborating and communicating are tools that have to be done in order for a task to be fulfilled. Redbooth comes in here. The app is so recently developed, it even works on the latest Apple Watch device.

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Redbooth is a place – a single meeting point – where team members gather, communicate, collaborate, share and discuss in real time. Productivity is escalated and performance is improved. In business, this will often result in improvised profit for a company and business being expanded.

Humans work best in teams and getting everyone on board and singing from one hymn sheet is a great way to build productivity and to get the task in hand done.

Team members within each Redbooth task do not have to stop work and gather at a meeting table (like we all used to years ago) but simply add ideas, tasks done, projections and files straight onto the app itself.

It works hand in hand with all the popular cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box, so all the entries made are saved and backed up each time. Files can be added – such as those Excel spreadsheets with all the latest profit forecasts on, Word documents with personnel assessment notes on, presentation packages for that new client and the latest web links that are imperative to the most recent task.

Redbooth participants are encouraged to throw in ideas, discuss new methods and share their goals they think can get the job done with more efficiency. It is also very easy to chat in real time with all the other team members, even when you are out in the field trying to find new clients, working from home and trying to get the latest August and September build figures submitted or stuck in another branch of the business while compiling the meetings for the next task in hand.

Redbooth is an ideal business tool, designed for brainstorms, business concepts and methods to improve productivity. And with it being used in several countries around the globe already, and well worth giving it try just once within your department at work.