Are you brave enough to enter the Mad Cows’ Maze?

We have to admit that ever since playing games like Pacman and similar, the maze challenges are always enthralling and alarmingly addictive. Mad Cows Maze is just like that – you can play for hours and feel as though you have had so much fun, but feel sadly unproductive. But then, what are games supposed to do?

Mad Cows Maze is a little bit crazy, slightly challenging and completely and madly addictive. It also has that wonderful Meta description of having legends showing treasures passed down from one generation to another about the Mad Cow guardians.

Mad Cows Maze is a game where you’ll be faced with several challenges. You will need your best strategy head on to move sneakily past your enemies, hide deep into corners of the dungeons and collect rubies.

Once you have your rubies you can trade them in for other advantageous features to help you move forward on your task. After all, advancing in this game is aided by you having the ability to move invisibly and to shift through the maze faster. You’ll not be able to do this unless you can grab as many rubies as you possibly can.

The Mad Cows’ Maze will even allow you to create illusions designed to fool your enemies, so there is a real sense of sophistication that seems to have been written into the game code. You can even turn the hunters into the hunted, by setting up a number of elaborate traps designed to pull the enemy into being the victim, rather than you.

The Mad Cows’ Maze is packed with features with different dungeons available every time you pick the game up to play it. There’s no chance of you becoming familiar with the dungeon set up, that’s for sure.

There are also so many different ways by which you can complete the game. Strategy can be changed and completed that it’s doubtful you’ll ever meet another player that has achieved the task in the same way as you have done.

The Gaming Centre has all the top scorers listed and that’s the place where you should strive to be. But the one redeeming feature about this maze game is that you play within the maze, rather than see it from above only.

This gives you the interactive opportunity to play the game as though you are actually in it for real!