You can now collect SoulCalibur cards in Outcast Odyssey

Fighting fans, rejoice because popular SoulCalibur characters have arrived in Outcast Odyssey in the form of collectible cards. They’re only available until September 7th though.

Eight characters from the successful fighting franchise have been turned into cards, including Ivy, Mitsurugi, Voldo, Maxi, Kilik, Siegfried, Nightmare, and Astaroth. You can also grab the eponymous SoulCalibur and its evil sibling Soul Edge.

You can get all of the above as rewards for completing events or purchasing them directly from the in-game store.

Outcast Odyssey is a hybrid mix of collectible card battler, RPG, and roguelike in which you explore over 40 islands and collect 300 cards to take into battle with you against a range of enemies.

And you’ll destroy these foes using the individual powers of each hand-drawn card in your collection.

If you want to create the ultimate deck you’ll need to combine and master different special abilities. You’ll need to do so if you fancy participating in PvP, where only the cream of the crop walk away unscathed.

Head on over to the App Store or Google Play to grab Outcast Odyssey right now to get a chance at collecting all of those cards.

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