Tech21 Evo Elite Case is the Must Have for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

The Tech 21 Evo Elite Case is a tailored protection wallet for the iPhone 6 and 6s. There are three colours to choose from – grey, silver or gold, and I was naturally drawn to the gold finish as I don’t care much for grey or silver. That said, the gold is not that bling looking colour but a more soft and unassuming gold. But that’s all a matter of personal choice.

The Tech 21 Case has given me security and protection. It has a material it calls FlexShock that offers my device protection against the phone being dropped, even if it is onto a hard floor. By all accounts the FlexShock casing offers protection even if dropped from a height of 2m (6’6”).

One of the key things you will notice about the case is the lightweight material, sleek and thin design. You won’t actually know you have it fixed on! This is particularly so as you will have access to all the buttons like the on/off, volume, charger port and camera lens the whole time the case is fitted.


So I pretty much was able to keep the case fitted all day and all the night. The case grips all the corners and the back of my iPhone 6 so securely it just feels so tight. And although you probably won’t notice it, the FlexShock material is able to repel force away from the iPhone, like when it comes into contact with a stone tiled floor for example.

When I fitted the case on I found installation so easy and straightforward; it literally snaps on with a pop and click you just have to feel it for a few seconds to realize it’s actually all secure and will leave wondering how it went on so easy.

The Tech 21 Evo Elite Case is also ultra-light – sitting in your hand it will weigh in at just 36g. Moreover, the dimensions are perfectly measured to fit snugly over your iPhone 6. Overall, you’ll find this case – as I did – to be something that’s fits better than a glove, offers protection and saves your phone from cracks and breakages when accidentally dropped.


I am one of those people who is constantly grabbing my iPhone 6 out of my pocket and using it. There are bound to be times when the thin, sleek design of the device will slip out of my fingers like a bar of soap, but the case offers that protection in the event of that accident.