Survival Of The Biggest: Takes Darwinian Evolutionary Theory To The Next Level

Darwin’s theory of natural selection can be applied to many faculties, not least global politics’ unending fight for power. Either grow and adapt or face becoming obsolete and potentially extinct. With this in mind, seeing Obama’s face drift into screen and swallow up Slovakia could be seen as a chilling insight into the potential outcomes of the now Presidents’ last term in office or just a regular foe incessantly absorbing other players around them on this fast paced and highly addictive game

I believe Nietzsche said it best ‘That which does not kill us, make us stronger’ or in the case of bigger, which is of course the aim of the game. You start off as an agile single cell able to nip in and out of danger easily whilst eating the colourful hexagonal tokens around you and slowly, treat by treat you become bigger and more formidable. Until finally, you can look Obama square in the eye, shoot some of your own inner plasma his way and for a brief moment feel like Napoleon on the cusp of global domination. That is until Facebook comes along and gobbles you up like some sort of Whatsapp plaything… Before you start thinking I’m mad I should perhaps mention you can pick your own player names and logos…

Anyway, convoluted similes and metaphors aside, let me tell you a little about what to expect playing Firstly, it’s free to play and drops you right into the action in seconds, if you happen to get absorbed (highly likely in my experience) then it doesn’t take you too long to build up mass again and re-enter the game.

For this reason, you will become addicted, its simple premise and multiplayer format make for a fiercely competitive match. You’ll start off small but if you manage to survive the first 30 seconds then you’ll have a bit of weight behind you and in 5 minutes you could be well on your way to the big leagues.

You will become frustrated, the match is played on what looks like highschool graph paper and is enclosed by an invisible border. Get trapped in the corner and you’re easy prey, stray too far into the battlefield and you’ll have to be on top of your game, dodging the many obstacles that will come into your path. You’re constantly caught between being too slow to catch the little guy and being too small to cause any damage.

Equipped with only three distinct moves you’ll have to use keen strategy to both trap the weak and avoid the strong. To move, simply guide your mouse (or finger if playing mobile) about the screen, with the option of either expelling part of your plasma or splitting into two separate entities. I’d recommend waiting until you’re a bit bigger to play this move as it can potentially make you quite vulnerable to your larger adversaries.
So if you’d like to gorge like Jabba The Hutt and show your amoebial friends no mercy, download the free app from  Google Play today! Get Munching!!