Pointless Apps are Breaking Basic Mobile Apps Rule

Applications are what set smartphones from basic mobile phones. Every now and then, application makers come up with something that makes mobile experience one of a kind. However, not all that pop up deserve to be hailed as amazing and worthy. Here are some of those apps that are more of pointless than being useful.

Will You Marry Me?

An only for fun app but promises you can use it seriously (?). By flipping out the virtual box, your intended partner is presented with a “will you marry me” awful drawing and with “No” and “Yes” button. The fun is when the “No” button is about to be clicked and it will start jumping around the screen and clicking is quite impossible. It looks hilarious and sweet but only when not ruined by pop-up ads. It’s a cheesy way to propose but sometimes being cheesy is a big turn off.



If you think you don’t have enough stapling task at the office and want more, then simstapler is the app that will allow you to do this. You get to staple as much page as you want, and for some queer taste of satisfaction, look who did the best task on the highest score page. If you’re after making your stapling perfect, then simstapler is great for practice, whew! By the way, this app is available for iPad in case you want to spend much of your time perfecting your stapling skill rather than playing some fun mobile games.


Oh, the development had it from the beginning that this app is ONLY FOR FUN but it doesn’t take away its obvious pointless tag. Why? First, you have to kiss your phone (lick is more precise description) and get your kissing skill scores. And, who wants to be judged as a good kisser by a computer chip? Not everybody of course!

99 bottles

Definitely, an app to kill time (and no much time is there to kill). Launching it will have you to a “wall” option where colorful bottles are arranged in rows. Tap it and a voice will sing and starts eliminating the bottles then… as we said, it waits until how much time you’ll have to pass or kill to see all the bottle gone up. Developer claims it’s basically for entertainment when you’ll be passing time or just having the luxury to kill time as much as you want!

Apps are made to keep mobile users make use of their time usefully and productively even when passing time. These apps are breaking the rule monstrously and it looks like sales charts are confirming their idea is nothing but pointless and useless.