An App to Ask Questions and Meet Up with People around You

You don’t have to be anonymous, you could show yourself as who you are, and the choice is yours. AskMob is a social networking feature which works for your local area. One of the best features of the app is its ability to find out what’s going on in town tonight.

How often have you got home from a busy day at work and asked, “What bands are playing in the Old Town music venues tonight?” Or, “Which restaurants are doing some special offers tonight in my local town?”

askmob-2 askmob

AskMob is an app that lets you reach out to those people who are local and in the same town as you. But it is also an app to let you meet new people. I have found with apps and social networking sites that meeting new people is all very easily done, but I do wonder what is the point of having a friend somewhere on the west coast of America, when you are based somewhere in western Europe.

Unless you plan on flying out and visiting that person (which is usually unlikely), the relationship doesn’t really go anywhere. At least on AskMob you are meeting new friends which you may end up seeing and meeting in the flesh the very night or evening you are asking important questions about your locale on this app.

The ability to track your mates and family members down really is the best feature though; it has a tracking feature that shows where people are in real time on a map. There are three different ways in which you could use this app: one is to ask a question to all those users who are within an 11-mile radius of you, use it to track and map the current location of friends or just shout out to anyone that wants to join you for a drink in town.

But it’s not just the local area you are confined to. It is possible to chat with someone on the other side of the world, simply by using a Wi-Fi connection. This allows you a kind of chat communication, even though you may or may not have a mobile phone that could cover such distances.

It’s great receiving answers from people around you, even if you choose to remain anonymous but you will love reading and posting some peoples’ private confessions, jokes and personal secrets too.