Viva Match Battle is Excitement and Action Revisited – Review

Viva Match Battle is so full of action and excitement there will be no time to talk. It’s wild, frenetic and fast-paced and only the very skilful will do well at this. It’s one of those game playing apps where you will have to be a character – there are seven different cute characters to select from. You can pick yourself to be Hostile Hippo, Pugnacious Pandas or Terrific Toucan – you decide!

Viva Match Battle has its own little costume shop where you choose a new suit or change into a different one. If you collect enough costumes you’ll be able to unlock new characters. Costumes that are free include Original and Happy but if you want a costume that’s a little bit edgy, why not go for a Ninja suit or a Robot costume? To unlock these funky outfits you’ll have to reach at least level 30.


However, it’s to ability to play against your friends that we found was its defining feature. Your username, world ranking position and win streak count are all displayed in your banner header and there for all to see. The battles are fast, frenetic and the artwork and graphic design is beautiful.

There are a number of power-ups to boost your standing and help you achieve a better ranking in the battle action game. Viva Match Battle brings all the fun and games you love in the Match Three gameplay series and adds some competitive action to the mix. And in the end you can play Match-Three battle competitions with any person, wherever they may be in the world.

Viva Match Battle is all about putting your skills to the test. You will have to try and get attack and defence points (via your cute little characters) within the first five rounds, and then sit back and see who has the fastest fingers, skill and passion to match.

It does work perfectly on any device (providing it’s the iOS platforms), so there’s support for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad alike. Once you become the master at this game, you will hope to see your name up in lights on the Game Centre Leader Board.

Viva Match Battle has a real neat soundtrack and if you are successful enough, why not share your score with Facebook and Twitter? The game features a great in-depth tutorial to give you an idea how to play the game.