Looking for a Laugh – Try Mustache Bash Free

Mustache Bash Free is an amusing way to place some face furniture on any person or any photo you wish. It’s an app that will undoubtedly provide users with hours of fun and amusement. And the key to this highly amusing app is simple.

Mustache Bash Free allows you to take any picture from your iPhone’s camera roll and position a mustache onto any person’s face you wish. Once completed, you will need to share your creation with the rest of the world.

mustache-1 mustache-2

Just think how funny it would be to place a moustache on grandma’s face? And how about putting one on your own face to see what your top lip would look like with a bit of face fuzz. The finished image will either look ridiculous, amusing, laughable, handsome, bizarre or just downright unbelievable. Whatever it looks like, it will certainly be one of the above, if not all of them.

It’s not just mustaches that we will see on the app but beards too. The hipster look is all the rage at the moment, so why not check out how you would look with some hipster face hair? The assortment of moustaches in the library range from the modern look to the old style classics. Moustaches that curl up into a ringlet at both ends, very long moustaches and very thin ones too.

Once you’re done, save the image of your new facial look and email it off to your friends or dare you even put it onto their Facebook page or Twitter account? The designs are cool and trendy but you’ll have a hard time deciding which one to actually select for the image of your choice. The reason for that is there are just so many moustache designs to choose from.

Mustaches can be resized or rotated to fit and you can even select different colours. When selecting a different colour, you can actually match it to the real colour of your victim’s hair. Therefore, a blonde moustache for a fair-haired person would suit lovely but there are many different shades you can use: black, red and brown coloured moustaches are all here.

However, it was the grey tone colour the app lets you use as the most useful feature on Mustache Bash Free; this allows the user to see what they might actually look like with a moustache or beard that goes grey in colour.