Tap The Frog As If Your Life Depended On It

The 1994 movie epic ‘Speed’ star’s Keanu Reeves as a Los Angeles police officer frantically trying to keep a bus running at above 50km/hr all whilst trying to figure out how the dickens the villain of the piece is monitoring him. Fast forward 21 years and you too can feel the adrenaline rush of ‘Officer Jack’ with the fast paced and action packed game Tap The Frog (without the constant fear of bursting into flames).

As you may have guessed from my somewhat abstract opening, Tap The Frog is all about speed. How quickly can you make the frog eat flies? How fast can you get three frogs on a shelf? How many frogs can you pop before your time runs out?

This might all sound like a variation on a theme but I assure you, with the amount of mini-games that are available to play, coupled the speed that you hop up levels, there’s no time to get bored.

If you start suffering from repetitive strain injury, have no fear as there’s also a range of reaction games available to you as you win points and move up levels; such as tapping the frog when it turns blue or picking the frog that matches the colour named.

With charming graphics featuring everyone’s favourite amphibian, it’s hard to go wrong with a simple 5 minute escape game like Tap The Frog. So, satisfy your inner Officer Jack by hopping off your lilypad and downloading this free app from the App Store today!