AR Flashcards A New Way to Interact and Make Flash Cards More Entertaining

This educational tool is the perfect solution for students moving up through elementary schooling. It somehow manages to make learning interesting. Learning becomes dynamic when a student is interested in the topic; teach a pupil who is bored and he or she will learn nothing – teach them while they’re engaged, captivated and interested and they’ll learn a lot. That’s always been an educational fact and it applies very much so here on AR Flashcards Space.

It works by pointing your device – like an iPhone – towards the printed flashcard. Then, as if by magic, three-dimensional planetary objects appear on your phone (or tablet). But the fun doesn’t stop just there. Tap on your device at the newly animated object and read all about it.


You will hear the name of the planetary object and some very interesting facts about it. It is designed for the young ones and will get them prepared to start engaging with astronomy. Years from now, when we are all long gone, man will be busy organizing trips to Mars and beyond; and that’s not just astronauts or cosmonauts either.

To get to where we might one day be, we have to build a new generation of young people and get them interested in what is out there and planetary objects being a good place to start. On the AR Flashcards Space feature you can view the entire solar system on just the one card. This allows your toddler to touch certain planets and hear some interesting facts and figures about those heavenly bodies.

There is a screenshot button to help your toddler save the planets she or he likes. This way your youngster will never forget her favourite planet happens to be Venus or Jupiter. You may have to help your little one to take the first couple of flashcard pointers, at least until they become used to the method.

There is a necessary download where you’ll have to print off the flashcard images before the app can even work. And the prints must be produced in colour as black and white images will not function when you point your device at them.

Make sure your device has a camera before you use this app, as it is the camera that guides the device to the planetary objects you will download to the phone. If you have an iPhone and an iPad you will be able to access the flashcards straight from the app.