Clash for Dawn is an action-packed RPG out now on iOS and Android

Clash for Dawn is a mobile action RPG which challenges you to slay thousands of demons as you strive to save Midgard.

The Dark Lord has resurrected and plunged the land of Midgard into war between man, elf, and the underworld Hordes. Only you can save it by collecting the scattered pieces of the Chosen One’s power.

You’ll select a class out of Warrior, Archer, Mage, and Priest and battle your way through hordes of demons to increase your power.

When you’re sufficiently powerful you can try your hand at the more difficult dungeons which house massive boss monsters to defeat.

clash-for-dawn-4 (1)clash-for-dawn

If they prove too much you can request support from allies and take on multiplayer dungeon quests with your friends. Of course, you could also just form a guild and fight in group raids, guild versus guild tournaments, or go on the defensive in the Protect the Goddess mode.

You can also take the fight to your friends in game-wide tournaments, hourly events, and the PvP arenas. You’ll have to pledge allegiance to either The Brotherhood or The Order to do so though.

Clash for Dawn will continue to receive new content following launch, including a voice chat function, dragon pets, and a Raid Tower mode.

Head on over to the App Store or Google Play to get Clash for Dawn right now.

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