JimmyCASE: Making A Case For Style And Practicality

Today’s contemporary world is a bit of a conundrum; a lot of things are meant to simply your life, when in fact, they complicate it. Online banking for instance. I can’t help but think it was just easier when you went through a normal person to do that kind of stuff. In fact, a lot of things which have been supposedly simplified online simply end up being a whole pile of new annoyances. How refreshing then, to come across an invention that genuinely makes life easier and does so with stylish aplomb. Introducing the jimmyCASE a gorgeous hybrid of both smartphone and wallet that’s a lot simpler in reality than that description made it sound.

Invented and pioneered by Daniel Roger Smith the jimmyCASE is a hardwood case for your iPhone with a protective screen on the front. It has a bright strip of colourful elastic fabric attached on the back which acts as a secure holder for credit cards or cash, doing away with the need for an oversized wallet clogging up your left pocket. Or maybe your right; I don’t know, what are the stats for where people keep their phone and wallet? I’d put money on phone on the right being the standard, because it gets taken out more. Anyway, Dan and his moonlighting case make that a moot point, as you’ll never again need to use a wallet.

And from an aesthetics point of view, fair play to Dan; the thing looks amazing. Each case is individually hand-crafted in Los Angeles (Americans just love when they can say a product was home-brewed in ‘Murica) and each fabric strip on the case hand-woven, ensuring it’ll hold through countless stretches and reshaping. And though it’s made from wood it’s also pretty lightweight, like your phone is wearing nothing at all. A protective bumper runs around the rim of the phone, ensuring you’re protected from any and all falls. It even lets you drop your phone intentionally near someone else so they can pick it up and comment on what a nice cover you have. How’s that for grassroots marketing? You can have that one on me, Dan.

The cases won’t break the bank either clocking in at a very reasonable €35. The choice of colours is endless and they have shapes for the iPhone 4, 5 and 6, and all the offshoots. All in all this is a stylish choice of phone cover with the added bonus of a hassle-free wallet. Here’s an example of their best iPhone 6s case. Pick one up and give it a go yourself.

Patrick Ryan
A professional film director and iPhone enthusiast, Patrick is rarely away from a screen. Follow his work and get updates about his latest movies at https://www.lagoonpictures.com/