Keep your family in your orbit, Family Orbit is an app to locate your family and much More

Whenever the entire family is off somewhere nice, it has to be a good idea to get tabs on everyone, right? A family is a unit and whatever privacy your teenage son or daughter asks for, it’s still safe to know that they haven’t been in any sort of trouble or anything sinister whilst away on holiday.

Family Orbit is a social networking app designed just for family. It can be used for a number of practical days out or two-week long vacations. Let’s say you and your family are off to a foreign location and the kids want to wander off to a location separate from the parents. It’s something you have to expect all teenage kids to do at some time or another.

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However, although their freedom should be given (to some extent) their safety and security is still an important issue. This is where Family Orbit steps in: the app will allow you to track the whereabouts of your young children, wherever they might be.

We put Family Orbit to the test when deciding to try it out on a day trip to a festival. It was a family music festival where there was plenty of different fields and things to do for the kids. The real time map allowed us to check off where each child was in the village sized festival ground, become notified automatically when a child has moved away from a particular location and check in to family members to see how they are doing.

Family members can keep the parents happy by posting images up on the “wall” letting other members comment and applaud their activities. At the same time, everybody was in touch and knew where one another was located.

But does Family Orbit work if you have pre-teen kids? The short answer is yes. There is a piece of software within Family Orbit that will let you set up an account fit for purpose if the child is under 12. Parental control software takes over and any photos or images taken with the phone can be monitored by either of the parents.

Any contacts they decide to add to their contact address book can be monitored too as well as use of Wi-Fi and battery power. If you feel your child is too young for a mobile phone, try getting them one and installing this as an app and you could have peace of mind when your kid is elsewhere