Afterpulse, Gamevil’s New Multiplayer Shooter For iPhone and iPad

Oh my, the developer Gamevil well known for iOS games such as Darkness Reborn and Elune Saga have gone and release a free to play third person multiplayer for iPhone and iPad call Afterpulse. Guns and more guns. You are bound to have fun. Ever thought you would have an app to rival the likes of Call of Duty, well I think it has arrived.


Afterpulse is simple, full of joy and fun to play. There aren’t any story mode available, just training and multiplayer mode. You will need to play through training before you get to play in multiplayer mode online. The training mode is no way hard, and before you know it you will be shooting at a bunch of angry humans (not literally).  Game levels increases has you play through and you get game currencies which you can use to upgrade or buy shiny new weapons.

The game controls couldn’t me any easier. You have a joypad to move, tap to shoot and swipe the device screen to look around. There is an extra button once you progress through the first 5-6 levels that allows to throw grenades at the enemy. Your energy level depletes when you get shot but if you manage to dodge around the corner and wait out of enemies site it slowly goes to full. The in-app purchase is probably what majority of us, to an extent hate in games. I have managed to play all day and completely avoided spending anything.

Graphics are amazing, gameplay is simple, it’s just fun plus it’s free. Well recommended.