Put An End To Sleepless Nights With The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard For Mac, v9.5

As a writer, I often times find myself in waking up in bed, covered in a cold sweat after dreaming that my last day’s work has been completely wiped from my computer without being backed up, meaning that I’ve missed my deadline, my wife has left me, my dog refused to look at me and I was inexplicably naked in the middle of Times Square, unable to move… Putting that last bit aside for a moment (my tequila days are over, after all) the initial fear of losing one’s data is not only a rational one, but something that we face on a daily basis. The EaseUS Recovery Wizard for Mac, v9.5 puts these fears to rest with its easy 3-step recovery method that can retrieve anything from music and videos to lost partitions.

Anything can cause your computer to crash: that’s why backing up is so important. But even for the most due-diligent among us, there will always be some unforeseen circumstances that are unavoidable. When this happens, it’s a relief to know that in just a few quick steps you can get that presentation, lecture or dissertation back on screen without so much of a strangled yelp.

So, what’s all the hoopla about version 9.5? Well, the quality of RAW data recovery has come on leaps and bounds, the interface has been further simplified to optimise user experience and speed up the recovery process, as well as a whole range of other bug fixes that you may have encountered in the previous versions.

The recovery can be a bit slow in some operations and it doesn’t always locate the correct files first time round, but, overall, the EaseUS Recovery Wizard for Mac is a simple, safe and stress-free recovery software, which is well worth having around in case of any accidents. I know I’ll be sleeping easy from now on.