Create Booklet: Creating Small Books for over 10 Years

Create Booklet is a Mac app with well over 100,000 users already. Latest updates and developments of this well-established app have changed the way it works and it’s for the better. Create Booklet is powerful, easier and more dynamic. It puts the pages you create side by side – just as a Kindle or real book would look – and sorts it all ready for printing.

It works with all kinds of printers, so there’s no need to go out and produce your own material and worry about how you are going to get it put down into booklet form from your iMac. The entire process should make life more comfortable for the cost of around $10 and you get to save a lot of paper in the process.


It is the perfect way of creating small booklets, high quality and without the need to use very expensive software. Some customers have been using Quark Xpress and then paying over the odds for the print process to create and print booklets. Create Booklet does it for a tenner ($10).

Some users have managed to use Create Booklet for a number of useful reasons: one printed out his wedding stationery, another had used the booklets for their children’s school plays and another user created a booklet for a tribe who speak in a native language unheard of outside their domain.

A booklet is fun and easy to read and the app can produce the booklet very quickly. Finding the printing process is intuitive and easy, simply look into the print dialogue of any app and start creating your own booklet. Do bear in mind that Create Booklet does respect copyrighted material).

The printing features on this app really are dynamic – you won’t even need a duplex printer to get those pages off. You can also use the PDF for editing (now that’s novel!). Adding images, blank pages, removal of unrequired pages are just some of the dynamic editing features the app can help you do.

Once you become really polished at Create Booklet, you can resize your PDF to make the print size just right, splits up big booklets in several little ones and it will help you easily staple your booklet by inserting the staple position marks on the first and pages of your booklet. This has to be the easiest booklet creating app we have seen in any app store.