Get Down And Dirty To Make Swampy Squeaky Clean In Where’s My Water App By Creature Feep

If you’re in your 30s you’re probably not reading this article, in which case, if you are reading this article (which you are) you definitely won’t remember Swampy. Swampy, born in 1973 was an environmental activist and all round eco-warrior, he gained national fame after spending a week in a complex series of tunnels, protesting an extension to the A30 road in Devon, UK. I believe that if Swampy had been around in the age of iPhones, he would have liked Where’s My Water, the video and puzzle game developed by Creature Feep and published by Disney. Let me tell you why.

Firstly, I think it’s a safe bet to assume that Swampy (as any good eco-warrior worth their salt) would of had a bit of an ego on him. Making him particularly fond of the protagonist, also called Swampy – a germaphobic alligator with human like tendencies, who just wants to be clean. It’s your job as the user, to dig tunnels (another throwback to ’70s Swampy’s heyday) and guide fresh water past a range of obstacles to Swampy (alligator) so he can get rubber-dubbin’ in the tub!

The cute and colourful graphics makes this a particularly accessible game for all ages. The challenges, that get increasingly harder with each level, require a certain skill level and knowledge of physics to both complete and collect all of the rubber ducks on offer (trust me, you will develop a mild obsession trying to figure out how to collect all those ducks). However, the basic concept of the game is quite easy to grasp, which is why it would be suitable for anyone of the ages 5+.

My only slight problem with the game is that when you enter, complete a level or pause a game, an advertisement will pop-up blocking the screen. I understand that this is necessary sometimes but I think they went a little overboard, especially considering this is a game aimed at young children. However, this is my only issue with the game and it’s down to marketing, in every other respect it’s a perfectly good game, challenging at times and rewarding at others. I would recommend it to any kids out there and even the odd adult who still bears a fondness for old Swampy.

So if you’d like to help free the water and make Swampy squeaky clean, then download the free trial from Google Play today!