Textkraft Pocket – Read, Write, Research and Share

If ever there was an app that features so much and performs in a productive way, then Textkraft might well be the start of things to come in the world of super-dynamic apps. The bottom line is that this app is for writers. It is a document reader and professional writing tool in one.

It helps you become productive, jot down ideas, source information straight from your iPhone or Apple Watch, and you won’t even need to unlock the phone to do so.

All the documents you need can be here, in one app – side by side and accessible right away. Access text, PDF documents and any Office file simply by swiping back and forth until you reach the document you want.

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If you need help with grammar, spelling, expression, translation or context you will find the extensive offline dictionaries with synonyms and antonyms perfect for getting your content together in tip-top shape.

Textkraft is a stellar app and it looks like these kind of dynamic applications are becoming all the rage these days. This doesn’t just stop at being a formidable text editor and creator of content, it can export or import files in just about any format you are using.

All the files you are using in Textkraft are together in one place and accessing between documents is simple, quick and easy. But what we really liked about all the excess storage you build up with this app is that it doesn’t insist you use a particular cloud for storing. If you happen to have One Drive (Microsoft), BOX, DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud Documents or Evernote then you can use whichever one you are already established with.

You can dictate into Apple Watch or iPhone, then sit back and watch your voice translate speak to text. Writing and editing has never been so much fun and productivity levels are likely to go through the ceiling.

Sharing documents with your customers is easy as you’ll be able to send via MMS, SMS or iMessage. In fact, editing and writing is like using a powerful tool like Word or any other Office document. The dynamic dictionaries on the app can work offline, but if there is a body of text in another language, there is a way of translating your content easily. Translation means writing out in another language without ever having to leave the app or go online.

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