Help a bunch of runners stay on their feet in Endless Treadmill out now on iOS and Android

Endless Treadmill is a challenging endless runner which requires you to assist a variety of different characters to remain on a treadmill while working out.

The difficulty is, they keep stumbling and falling off the treadmill so you have to tilt your device to keep them on a green line in the centre. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

As you play you’ll unlock coins to purchase more characters like Brian, a middle-aged man, or Max, a hardcore gym-goer – all of which come with their own stamina and balance stats.

You can also purchase new environments to work in to keep things fresh.

There are challenges to complete which earn you a lot more gold than through regular play and require you to run a set number of distance with a specific character or reach a certain rank.

But for a serious challenge you’ll have to focus on beating your friend’s scores – or even your own if your friends aren’t good enough.

Endless Treadmill is out right now in the App Store and Google Play .

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