Commander One PRO – FTP/SFTP client, RAR, 7zip and Tar extractor File Manager For Mac

Commander One PRO is the perfect solution for those who own a Mac with hundreds and thousands of files and folders all over the place, taking up valuable disc space, untidily clogging up places on your Mac and giving you a headache every time you want to find something.

Basically it’s an easy management solution for folders and files. It makes life a lot easier if you want to find something and you can’t remember where that file was placed. It allows the use of regular expressions when searching for a file and gives you the power to move, delete, store and create new folders easily.

ftp-1 ftp-2

We feel it’s a bit like someone coming round your house and giving a spring clean and tidy up but this sweeps up the mess on your Mac. Spreadsheets, documents, presentations and PDF locations can be easily created and used to file everything away in its right place.

Commander One PRO is not just a spring cleaning tool but also a Mac FTP client, and a damn fast one at that. You can work with several archives at the same time and search through them all. If you have millions of folders in your DropBox account (as many small businesses do) then integrate that cloud with Commander One PRO so it can show how dynamic it is in that arena too.

The app is not cheap and is specifically designed for use for those who might be considered as power users, small businesses and those running Macs with thousands of files and folders everywhere.

It helps to easily zip up files that you consider to be archive, freeing up disc space on your Mac, which in turn allows it to perform at its optimum speed. Commander One PRO even has a number of pre-designed themes for those who like to jazz up their own style (which comes in handy for small departments using Mac networks in your business) and then there is that ability to mount media transfer protocol devices easily to your Mac so you can access all the files, photos and folders within there.

Connect whatever device you have used out in the field and it turns into a mounted drive on your Commander One PRO system. The app can also connect to remote servers by FTP or SFTP. This is another powerful feature which small businesses can make great use of. Developed by ELTIMA, Commander One Pro is a great FTP client to have for Mac