The Changing Face of Technology

Trying to keep up with technology can be painfully time consuming and the mobile apps market is a good example of how fast things can change. To add to existing platforms (Android and IOS) we now have the new Windows Phone platform. That is why you really do need to know you’re mobile and all of the latest information out there. The mobile gaming industry has already reached a multi-billion dollar level and is perhaps one of the fastest growing online industries. If you are interested in who is playing what then check out the various blogs and gaming related articles.The numbers involved are an eye opener and the trend seems to be gaining momentum. Activision recently acquired the gaming publisher King Entertainment for a staggering 5.9 billion dollars. So it seems that after many years of indecision especially in the United States that the mobile gaming industry is here for the foreseeable future and a little gaming knowledge can be financially beneficial to the player.

Advances in the quality of online technology mean the very best games are now available to use on the Smartphone or Tablet. The better quality of game be it slot or casino will enhance the player’s chances of winning consistently.

Where should I play and what are the odds of me winning?

Your chances of winning are the same as mine however you can improve you odds. There are a multitude of gaming sites available on your smartphone or tablet, each with its own brand. What is important is that you as a customer get the very best online experience and value for money.

There are many decent online casinos that are available to your mobile phone, and many have some extremely inviting promotional offers to tempt you in through their virtual doors, and once more the quality of games available are of the highest standard, with attention being paid to the needs of the mobile users. If you have not tried enjoying your favourite games using your smartphone or tablet you may like to look at one of the more reputable sites out there today (hit the link to be taken straight through to the site)

For those of you who have an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus you can enjoy the full potential of the 3D touch capability on their smartphones, as some third-party developers have begun to release 3D touch enabled games for iOS, this promises some extraordinary changes in the way that games and apps present their interfaces, and user interaction is promising to raise to a whole new level.

Games like Torque Burnout is nothing like the conventional simulation racing game with the use of new 3D touch interface you can make split-second moves on and off the track and can be downloaded for free via iTunes App Store.

You can also get the latest version of Badlands, arguably one of the most popular games of all times. With the addition of 3D touch controls the game is even more enjoyable.

Technology is advancing at an expediential rate and 2015 has seen the industry advance in leaps and bounds, let us hope that 2016 proves to be as exciting!