Three Industry Leading Apps By Australian Developers

Australia isn’t a place you’d immediately associate with app innovation, but the lads down under have a firm grasp of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to smartphones. It has a population of just under 24 million, which is a big big market to play with. Even if they call slot machines ‘pokies’ (they really do; online pokies Australia is also a big money spinner for them) and drink tiny bottles of beer, the Australian app world is leading the charge with some of the most innovative and industry-leading apps out there today.

1 – Hitch-a-ride

Hitchhiking is a touchy subject these days – thirty years ago, it was considered perfectly fine to jump into a car with a complete stranger, and 99% of the time, everybody came out fine the other side. In 2015 however, there’s much more safety conscious debate going on about the vices and virtues of hitchhiking, especially with the advent of the internet and prearranged meet-ups; which is exactly where Hitch-a-ride comes in. Developed by Perth-based Buzinga, this free app is designed so users are not forced into driving with complete strangers, limiting interaction to contacts and social groups by integrating with Facebook. You can set up rides ahead of time and let people know where you’re driving, or book a seat with someone going where you want to be. You can also expand your network and look further afield if you want, with the cost of the ride is negotiated by the passenger and driver.

2 – Pocketbook

It’s no secret that apps can help you organise your life. There’s an app for everything; but you don’t always come across those all-in-one type apps, which really help you get your stuff together. Pocketbook is one such app. It’s the app to get if you want to be better with your money. It makes financial planning a cinch, and is the only app that can sync up with Australian banks, which means no more manual entry. Developed and released only in Australia, it’s a safe bet to say this is one lifestyle app which is ahead of the curve.

3 – RealChords

One of a long line of musical apps and developed by leading and extremely successful Australian developer Appster, RealChords is a new way to see, hear and save everything to do with chords on the guitar. It’s essentially an online guitar chordbook with a bit of musical theory thrown in. The root note of a chord and it’s applicable 4ths and 5ths etc are all labelled in different colours, allowing users to grasp the concept of chord structures with ease. Users can enter chords they want to learn by their name, shape or even formula. There’s a lot of competitors out there for this kind of app, but with a stylish, intuitive interface and consistently good user reviews, RealChords is leading the pack.


Patrick Ryan
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