Sam Plays Saxophone, Great App For Kids

This wonderful little tale is all about Sam, a sort of squirrel-like creature, who is on a journey to find musicians to help him sing his song. Immediately that synopsis has us thinking how pleasant this story will pan out, and it doesn’t disappoint.

It’s not all plain sailing for Sam though as the journeying character seeks to find friends that will help him finish his tune. But on these travels there will be a number of fierce ocean storms, dried up deserts and snakes with a bite so ferocious it could kill.

sam-1 sam-2

Our Sam will make friends though. There’s Kiwi, Dingo, Croc, Snake and a kangaroo called Roo and as the story moves forward we get to hear the sounds of individual musical instruments. Suddenly a melody begins to take shape as the tune begins to waft in the dulcet tones of the sax, keyboards, drums, guitar, double bass and a trumpet.

It is definitely one for the kids and as your youngster becomes embroiled in the musical journey, the unique tale unfolds in a sort of rhyme with music. Here, the originality of the app takes shape as the music we hear has been composed just for this app.

The pages are illustrated beautifully with hand-made paper sculptures, the intuitive musical notes help us learn more about how to compose musical sounds, and use instruments accordingly. If one thing, it should get youngster interested in music in more ways than just listening to the sound but composing it too. You can also learn how different musical instruments help to create the sound of good jazz music.

Even after the book has been read, there’s a bit more to go. Fun activities at the end of the tale include tests to determine how much was learned in the book, plus memory examinations to see how much musical knowledge has sunk in.

The original story is actually told in rhyme and the music is original. You will like the characters who use funny voice overs and you’ll love the hand-made paper sculpture illustrations too. All in all, the book gives your child animated characters and great backdrops to keep their young eyes locked on the game.

There is plenty of interaction in the book also: Just by tapping and dragging, you can move seamlessly through the educational story and Sam’s quest to find his animated musician chums.