Unlocking vs Jailbreaking Your iPhone

When it comes to unlocking and jailbreaking an iPhone, a lot of people are confused and often mistake one for the other. In this article we will explain what is unlocking and what is jailbreaking and their differences.

What does unlocking an iPhone mean?

Unlocking an iPhone means that you will get rid of the limitations put on by your carrier. If your iPhone is locked from Verizon, then you’ll only be able to use your iPhone on the Verizon network and you wont be able to use it with AT&T SIM cards. Some network providers also limit their users based on locations. So if the carrier limited you to a certain state, you wont be able to use your iPhone outside of that state. This is a deal-breaker for most of the people who travel. With all of the hassles of travelling, when you have to make sure you have all of your leads, look for a charger, make sure you packed a hard case for your phone, the last thing you want is to have network difficulties. Carriers usually don’t update your iPhone right away when the update officially rolls out, but they delay the update so they can test the new software and apps on their network services.

You can unlock your iPhone after your contract has ended with your carrier or you can unlock it instantly, through an easy process by using a third-party. Third-parties are often cheaper and there are lots of choices. One of the more cheaper and secure ways of unlocking your iPhone is by using an online service like SafeUnlockCode where you can unlock your iPhone in less then 5 minutes.

What does jailbreaking an iPhone do?

By default, Apple doesn’t allow you to install apps on your iOS outside of the App Store and doesn’t give you complete control with the customization of your iPhone. This means that you can’t use third-party app stores and you can’t install applications that aren’t approved by Apple. There are lots of app developers that for some reason have their app rejected by Apple. In those cases, the developers usually offer their app on their website for download and/or post it to other, third-party app stores. Apps that don’t get approved are not always bad. Some may be in the “gray area” with the legality of their content and some of them can even be rejected by some benign reasons. If you jailbreak your iPhone you can install apps from whatever place and in whatever way you want and you can fully customize your UI. But, it’s important to note that if you jailbreak your iPhone, in most cases, you will lose your warranty. Jailbreaking an iPhone is an easy process and can be done by anybody with software specifically made to do that.

In conclusion, unlocking your iPhone will give you access to all networks and jailbreaking your iPhone will give you access to all apps. Have you unlocked or jailbreaked your iPhone? What are your experiences?