Rivers Casino Pittsburgh: A Home Away From Home

Martin Scorsese made a film called ‘Casino’ in 1995, starring Robert DeNiro and Joe Pesci. I don’t recall a lot from the film (I’d bet Sharon Stone was in it), but what I do remember vividly is a scene where Joe Pesci and his friend get driven out to a cornfield and beaten savagely with a baseball bat until death. Now, of course, this isn’t indicative of all casinos by any means, but it certainly made a lasting impression on me. If that was the sort of carrying on that went on in and around the shady world of casinos, then I wanted nothing to do with it. However, the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are hoping to change my mind about all that. They’ve released their very own app, an extension of their classy real-life establishment, and it’s out now for iOS and Android.

It’s a strange one, this. The app contains loads of information about the on-site attractions at the real-life Rivers Casino, and also comes bundled with a ‘free-to-play’ mode, which contains a serious amount of different mini-games you can dabble in for free. You can’t deposit any real money, and by extension, can’t win any real money, but for those looking for a taste of casino life before they hit the real deal, it’s a lifesaver. There are all sorts of different games here with different themes and colours and all sorts, so there’s something to amuse everyone, from kittens to Greek Gods to lucky Leprechaun slot.

Now, I’m not a gambling aficionado, so I’d never go anywhere on the sole basis of the place having a good casino – but the developers’ ploy has worked in so far as if I ever find myself in Pittsburgh and fancy a bit of a gamble, I’ll head straight for the Rivers Casino, which, I presume is by a river. It’s got a great choice of restaurants and table games and looks very tempting overall. Plus, there’s all sort of bonuses you can avail of if you’re a real-life member. Though the app does do a pretty good job of keeping you informed of special offers and the like through notifications.

Overall the app is great; it’s innovative and stylish, but there’s no denying you’ll get more out of it if you’re either a) planning to visit the Rivers Casino Pittsburgh or b) are already a member there. Having said that, for the casual gamer, there’s tons of fun to be had with the free-to-play stuff, and if you’re looking for a safety net to gamble under before you hit the big leagues, this app is perfect for you.

The App Store and Google Play are probably closer than Pennsylvania – take a quick trip over to experience Rivers Casino for free today!

Patrick Ryan
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