The Christmas App Shake up

Christmas is just around the corner and it seems like a million new Apps are being ‘holiday-tuned’ with Santa hat logos or Mistletoe decorations. For a spread betting man like myself, most of the apps I tend to open are less embroidered with festive cheer and more encumbered by the thousands of pop-up adverts that seem to take over my iPhone screen with App creators desperate to squeeze the last few pounds from my e-wallet before the inevitable Christmas presents drink up the rest of the monthly budget.

Now I don’t mean to sound like Jim Carrey in the Grinch, but I’d rather be out there making money than spending it on new levels of Candy Crush or the new Football Manager (which by the way is plagued by errors on my phone!). Instead I get my solace in the markets, watching the stocks jump up and down and carefully evaluating my bets before I place them for, hopefully, a nice Christmas bonus. Now of course I don’t expect many to share my enthusiasm for thousands of numbers scrolling across their screens, but then again I struggle to understand how people can spend hours building up virtual towns rather than invest in a real life scenario … but hey-ho that’s just me.

If however, I have managed to peak your interest … built up your curiosity enough just to check out a few of the spread betting apps on offer, then it seems only fitting that I steer you in the right direction. Go to the App Store and search for Spread Betting … not Spreadbetting otherwise you seem to end up with a billion versions of the Bible to download (I’m choosing not to take this as a sign that religion is trying to absolve me of my apparent sins as it gave me the same results on several devices). There are a load of free Apps that act as both a guide and encycloepedia to understand a bit more about what you are getting in to before you jump in with both feet – and I encourage you to read these at length. Then if and when you feel ready to try and make your Christmas budgets stretch a little further, take advantage of one of the free bonuses on offer or read some of the spread betting reviews that are available online to get an unbiased opinion.

Whatever you choose to do – enjoy the holidays and remember to check back for more great articles and apps reviews coming soon here at