Press Release – New Android and iOS Game ‘Jetpack Jo’ to Give Back to Gamers

Jetpack Jo’s World Tour is launching its adventure on the 5th of December and is bringing with it a ground-breaking twist to a much loved genre. Those who rise to the challenge of completing a set of 10 globetrotting levels will be in with a chance to win incredible prizes that include world travel vouchers and £10,000 cash!

Grab your smartphone or tablet and download Jetpack Jo for free in order to get practicing with the arcade mode. Once you’re confident, it’s over to the campaign mode to get cracking on 10 spectacular levels! Should you lose, don’t despair! New lives are granted everyday in order for you to develop your skills over the competition period.

Players can keep ‘Jetpacking’ their way across the world up until the 17th of January 2016 at midnight, after which winners for all of the incredible prizes will be drawn! Will you have made it around the world with Jo in order to be in the running?

“As a gamer myself, I love coming across new games that take a genre in a different direction,” said Stephen Green, creator of Jetpack Jo. “Therefore, the opportunity to create a platform through which we could introduce a brand new twist to mobile gaming and give back to our players was incredible.”

Jetpack Jo aims to provide players not only with the chance of a virtual tour of the world, but to try and make those dreams into a reality for those who complete the challenging levels. “Offering life changing prizes is a key part of Jetpack Jo,” said Stephen Green. “From world travel vouchers all the way up to a top prize of £10,000, we are really keen to see some dreams come true with Jetpack Jo!”

Jetpack Jo’s World Tour is releasing on Android and IOS on 5th of December 2015. You can go to and follow Jo on Facebook and Twitter for updates, tips and the chance to connect with other gamers!