The Next Generation of Screen Protectors is Here

Would you like a screen protector for your iPhone that repairs itself from minor scratches? It’s not a trick question, so go ahead and have that little voice inside your head tell you the answer. It said yes didn’t it—of course it did! Well now you’re in luck thanks to my extremely innovative friends over at Innerexile.

Innerexile is rethinking the way we protect our iPhones. Their innovative technology advances provide us with self-healing products for our iPhones. This results in cases and screen protectors which can hold up to normal everyday wear and tear.

Recently I reviewed their Glacier Self-Healing case for the iPhone 6 Plus and I was blown away by just how quickly and easily it healed itself from minor everyday scratches. When Innerexile contacted me to check out their new self-repairing screen protectors I wasn’t as skeptical as I was the first time I got one of their products in my hands. This time I was determined to put another one of their superhero products to an even longer test to see just how long the self-repairing feature would last.

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On our most recent trip to Disney World I decided to add the self-repairing Innerexile screen protectors to our iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. I figured there was no better time to put them to the test then at Disney World since our daughter would be constantly reaching for our phones while we wait in line for a ride, which usually results in a few drops a couple times a day. My wife carries Baggallini while we’re running around Disney World and it’s always completely packed, especially now that our daughter is joining us on our vacations.

I was certain this trip would put the Innerexile self-repairing screen protector to the test and result in a few minor scratches. Each night I checked to see what damage our day did to our iPhones, but was surprised to find a blemish free screen. One night I checked my wife’s iPhone 6s and I was positive I was going to find at least a few scratches on here screen since her iPhone took a spill earlier that evening while at dinner. Surprisingly this nightly check resulted in the same blemish free screen as each one before it. I was starting to believe Innerexile had cornered the market on 360 degree self-healing protection for our iPhones!

We arrived home and I did a final check since we both were jamming our phones into our stuffed carry-on bags throughout our travels home with an 18 month old. Still there was zero evidence of any damage to our screen protectors. I was amazed but determined to find out just how long it would take to get the first scratch on just one of these screen protectors.

Nearly a week after we arrived home, the screen protector on my iPhone 6s Plus was removed. While using my Olloclip I gouged the top part of the screen protector which raised the upper edge. Each time I put my iPhone back in my pocket this raised edge would catch on my pants which kept pulling back the screen protector more and more. Eventually the damage was too much to deal with and I had to remove it, but there still wasn’t a scratch on it.

My wife’s iPhone 6s is the only device still sporting the self-repairing Innerexile screen protector. It has been over a month and a half and her screen protector is still completely blemish free. To say I’m shocked it’s still holding up as if it just came out of the box would be an understatement. My daughter has a knack for snatching my wife’s iPhone 6s and treating it—well—poorly! I’ve seen her iPhone 6s tossed across our house numerous times, so to have it still this pristine is shocking.

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Look, I’ve had numerous cases and screen protectors on my iPhones over the years. Each one was purchased for various reasons with style being most important for cases. I like keeping my iPhone protected as much as I can but I also like keeping my cases and screen protectors in good shape too. Innerexile allows you to protect your iPhone without sacrificing style and will keep your case and screen protecter looking as good as new with self-healing properties.

I highly recommend Innerexile’s self-healing cases and new self-repairing screen protector for your iPhone. Over the last year my family has had four of their innovative products on our devices for about 7 months combined. Equipping your device with stylish products is a must. When you’re able to equip your device with stylish and self-healing products, that’s a game-changer! Get your iPhone in the game and grab one of Innerexile’s amazing and innovative products today.