If You Just Want To Rock, Social Media – Then Photone Is The App For You

“Wake up on Sunday morning and everything feels so boring. Is that where it ends? With your life thru a lens?” I’d like to think not, but old Robbie Williams raises a good point, however in the social media age that we live in it’s hard not to be tempted to document your life for all your friends to see. So let me entertain you with a little article about Photone; an app that, if you’re going to put it all out there, at least allows you to make your pictures pop with a plethora of fun filters and effects so that you can say take that to the FOMO phenomenon that is ripping its way through the hearts of millennials the world over.

If you fancy something a bit old school then you can take advantage of the monotone filters that are available that use complex processing so that you can achieve the best results possible with pro-grade tonings. You can say goodbye to simple desaturation and hello to the sophisticated choice of cold, warm or mixed tone filters to make sure your photo’s are conveying the right ‘mood’.

If black and white just ain’t your thing and you need a bit of colour in your life then rejoice as Photone gives you the choice of not just 15 different filters with split toning and layered merging but also the ability to colourise your photos and add in fun effects like snow or rain allowing you to really let your imagination fly. Once you’ve made your photo your own then you’re just a quick tap away from sharing it with the world on whichever platform takes your fancy.

Photone is a simple app which uses complex methods to let you get creative with your photography. The interface is intuitive, easy to use and will draw out your own Annie Leibovitz in no time. It might not be doing anything too new but for just $0.99 it’s definitely worth a go.

There may be ‘More to life’ than your online presence but why not give it the perfect frame? Head over the the App Store to download Photone today!