Master special abilities to build the ultimate deck in Outcast Odyssey

Outcast Odyssey is an innovative blend of collectable card games and dungeon crawlers on iOS and Android.
There’s a pretty big single player campaign which features over 40 islands full of treasure to find, monsters to fight, and cards to collect.
Each island also includes a challenging dungeon (where the dungeon crawling element comes into play). There’s an epic boss waiting for you at the end of them though, which will put your skills to the test.

If you’re into PvP, there’s plenty of that to be found in the arena. Here you’ll fight against other players for extra rewards, or even make new friends by joining guilds.

However, the cards are the real focus of Outcast Odyssey, and there are over 300 of them to collect, evolve, and fuse.

If you want to build the ultimate deck, you’ll have to get used to using, and mastering, special abilities. These are handy skills which can be used in battle to give you a helping hand, and you can combine them to increase their strength.

There’s also a deep achievement system spread throughout every area of the game, and you can bag yourself some great rewards and badges for completing them.

Outcast Odyssey is out right now in the App Store and Google Play.

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