VigCal – An Organiser for Your Life

We have always warmed to productivity apps as they do help to get things done, cannot be considered to be timewasters and there is always a sense of achievements when you tick one of the boxes on your accomplishments.

VigCal does all that. It’s actually a smart organizer for your life. Your life will have events, notes and reminders. This may be a mix of dentist or doctors’ appointments, notes about shopping to get and reminders telling us to meet Sophie for coffee in town or to get a birthday card for Nigel.

VigCal rolls all of these events into one. The calendars are divided up into colours and it’s possible to view the entire calendar rolled into one, with only the colours setting the different tasks, reminders and events apart.

vigcal-1 vigcal-2

So you can merge your calendar or unmerge it – the choice is yours. Flipping back and forth between the calendars is very quick and easy. But not only can you see your entire life ahead of you in one calendar, you can change how much of it you see before you. So, if you wish to see just the next seven days, or the entire month, you can. Busy day ahead? Change to view of the calendar to just one day and see clearly what lies ahead for the rest of today.

There is even a separation monitor to show you how much free time you have and how much is set as busy. You can even choose when to start your week – we’ve always baulked at calendars that insist the week begins on a Sunday. It does not, that sacred day is the final day of the week END, capiche? VigCal can let you decide whether you want Monday or Sunday to be the “Day One” of your week at a glance.

VigCal even lets you search in months or years to come, so you might want to look at all the birthdays that are ahead in one view, the amount of business meetings you have scheduled in the future, how many games your favourite football team are going to be scheduled to play on live television or how many gym appointments you have.

We loved the way the calendar can link into images, photos or web links you place beside each event. It is a calendar much like the one Google has created but there is more availability to work with those little shopping lists and notes we make for our calendars.