Goldie Gems iPhone App Review

Goldie Gems is a new game with a challenge that just spells crazy! It’s one of those games where you’ll need a bit of skill, a great deal of luck and accuracy. The aim is to collect as many gemstones as you possibly can, but all the while avoid the exploding detonators preventing you from collecting the gems you strive to attain.

We found it difficult to master and easy to play; so in some ways it takes on the same format of many of the games on here, but the concept of this game is not difficult or complex and mastering the rules can be achieved by players of a very young age – as well as adults.

There is a jewelry box which has to be rotated so that the precious gemstones drop into your so-called pot of gold. There will be diamonds, gold blocks and rubies and mixed up amongst your loot will be explosive bombs. That’s where the challenge comes in.

goldie-1 goldie-2

Goldie Gems is a points-based game where you need simply outpoint your mates and become the winner. There are two variants of the game on the one app: One Minute and Sudden Death. You can start off on easy mode (on either variant) and advanced to an intermediary level, or once you become a Goldie Gem King or Queen, you advanced to the top level of insane!

It’s a game that is very easy to pick up but challenging to become a grandmaster at. Endless hours of practice, practice and more practice are going to be required to become the best. And once you do, there are leader boards for challenging friends and family, and other leader boards for those challenges you take on around the world against strangers.

The best players will gain achievements and badges, which of course you can use to show off to your friends. As for the graphics – well, they are very colourful, quite flashy and of a fairly good quality, the sound is very superior and the visual experience can be a little overwhelming – which might be down to the overuse of pastel colours and badly mixed hues.

Playing the game is achieved by sliding, flicking, holding and tapping the jewellery box. If you get to master this, then you are well on the way to becoming a grandmaster at Goldie Gems. Our experience commands us to recommend you play this on the iPad rather than the iPhone, but it works fine on either device.